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st_venantius's Journal

Saint Venantius
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Welcome to the chronicles of Saint Venantius, an isolated Canadian town in which life is more complex than any of its inhabitants realise.

Sprawling along the floor of a dry river valley, surrounded by dense forest and penned in by a vast ox-bow lake, Saint Venantius has become cut off from the world around it, and has developed into a vibrant, bustling community; a world in it's own right. Originally a mining village, then a prosperous farming town, it has now become a self sufficient island of peace and security in an idyllic setting.

But can even such a wonderful place be as perfect as it seems?

Saint Venantius is a creative writing project, started with the intention of developing a rich and diverse cast and setting by encouraging writers to interact and take inspiration from one another. The rules are as follows;

1. After each story is posted, and once every member has read it, one member may 'claim' the next story. They then have four weeks in which to produce the next story, or can elect to hand it off to another member if they change their mind or cannot complete it.

2. Each story must feature, in some capacity, one character and one 'thing' (a thing can be animal, vegetable or mineral, as long as it isn't a person) from the previous story. They can be used as background, or as principal characters, depending on the whims of the author.

3. All of the stories must be set in the town of Saint Venantius, and should conform to the layout and facts of the setting as they are devised through the stories. Also, they must take place in the same time setting, unless they are flash backs or history of a particular character.

4. Should there be any themes or events in the story that the writers consider to be potentially disturbing or offensive, they must give warnings at the beginning of each post. It is the reader's responsibility to take note of these warnings, and decide whether or not they want to read the post.

5. Membership is invitation only, as the only posts are made by the writers, but anyone is welcome to watch and comment.

As more about the town and its inhabitants is discovered through the stories, details will be posted in this bio.
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